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"Sarah J Preston Is an artist who collides art with technology and Literature bridging the gap from the cosmos to earth" + The Magazine World

hifi art express

Sarah's HIFI ART EXPRESSION Collection

Truly Top-Notch

Welcome to Sarah's digital art collection. Click on the image to see her HIFI Art Expression original art & digital collection. HIFI stands for High Frequencies, and the art is her expression of those experiences. Feel free to glow with her, and also read The HIFIAN UPLOAD and  The LP of Blake & Sophia, which is the stories aligned with the art collection, just in case you may need an explanation of the glowing art you see!


Welcome to my site, feel free to look at my digital catalogue of art , especially the HIFI Art Express art collection that is 3 years worth of work. Also, flip through my book The LP of Blake & Sophia, that is based on the art I created. It was so out of this world, I had to place a storyline with it to give it a boost of more adventure and creativity. I hope you enjoy my HIFI Artistic expressions. Enjoy!


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