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About Sarah J Preston

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Sarah J Preston is a glow artist located in Cincinnati, Ohio. She makes art that glows with vibrant colors and lights up the scene with her amazing graphics of animals from the galaxy. 

Her desire to make animals comes from a deep rooted space of love for nature and inspiring and enlightening anyone she meets.

She began drawing at the young age of 3 , she later began to draw art with story lines and had an obsession to make her art talk, and look real. 

At 16 she furthered her learning of art and culture at the School of Creative and Performing Arts

in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

During her 20's, she endured tragedies and emotional trauma such as emotional and physical abuse, yet proclaimed her crown due to her strong desire to continue on with her artistry. She has even claimed her art was the onset of her healing and strength. 

Due to the need of strength, she begain to paint lions in a tremendous amount because they symbolized strength. Along with her desire to change her - circumstances into + thoughts, she named her first art collection HIFI Art Express, the HIFI meaning High Frequencies. 

The art collection is a vast one of around 150 original to digital art pieces. Some that are scattered throughout the homes of  people of Cincinnati. 

Her Signature Lion's piece which she calls "The Lion Head", was once almost stolen by a man who claimed he would sell them all over and make a profit. From there, she decided to trademark her art collection as HIFI Art Express with Uspto. Even though, Hifi Art Express wasn't a legitimate business, she decided to pose as one out of a fear of the unnamed man. Today, she moves in calmer waters as she has now roared so loud throughout social media, with the many Lion's with flower headdresses and crowns, its pretty hard to not associate Sarah with her favorite art piece "The Lion Head". Today, her art isn't for sale and for show only.

She also, has made a series of books to heal her past of reoccurring dreams of animals and past art woes with the book "The Hifian Upload" and also "The LP of Blake & Sophia" where she discovers her mananimal side and makes sense of her reasoning of Outerspace animals mixed with earth. 

Sarah is giving, she is strong, and she is a staple of ambition and a visionary of the future. She consistently illuminates the HIFI Lion Head to help others find their confidence and strength and inner light. You can be confident she will glow with strength day and night.


Meet The Team

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