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Sarah J Preston of HIFI ART EXPRESS' story

The Lion Goddess

Growing up I lived in the middle class around builders and artists, in a home my grandfather built. Me my mom and dad and brothers and sisters lived in the country in Milford, Ohio. I would watch the men in my family build everyday and make a living. Though I lived in the country, I had a strong desire to be in the city of Cincinnati , so I stayed with my grandma who was also named Sarah. I loved hearing the background noise in Cincinnati, of firetrucks and people yelling and laughing in the streets, it was somehow comforting to me. My Aunt Angela, , showed me the ropes in the beginning of how to be a working artist and that it was possible to be one. 

When I became a teenager, I went to School of Performing arts in Cincinnati, and my teachers taught me how to make stories with my art and to never leave a canvas unpainted, to fill it all the way up! However, I didn't fit in, I was the weird quite  "Nerdish Nerd".  I learned to fit in with the culture eventually, but I was always looking for my confidence, where was it? I went to search for it inside. But to have courage and confidence apparently, I had to be tested.

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