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The Compass Era Collection

An art expression of a time period Sarah J Preston needed direction.  Here is a few things she created with her own compass during that era of time of (late 2023 to early 2024)



Sarah J Preston

A piece inspired from Sarah's worldly business, and worldwide exposure with her HIFI Art Express collection daily ,that, at times , made Sarah run from the spotlight, only to re emerge in a pushy recycling pattern of an on and off again love relationship for being in the frontline of her businesses. 


Artwork inspired by an overload of thoughts, some to be unspoken, unwritten and became the beginning of Sarah's decision to make absolute subjective abstract art pieces. 

Made of acrylic paint. 


"Small Sea"

Abstract art. Acrylic paint.


"Galaxy Guest Star"

A piece of art created in the wee hours at 3 to 4 am. Sarah spoke of seeing an animal in the picture that emerged after she decided to add black in the background.

Abstract art. Made with acrylic paint.


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